What Are Enzymes?
Enzymes are proteins that are produced naturally by plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and all other living things, and are absolutely necessary for life. They are catalysts that accelerate the rate of chemical reactions without changing themselves. Commercially available enzymes are derived from bacteria and fungi such as Bacillus, Aspergillus and Trichoderma species.

How Do Enzymes Work?
Enzymes work by breaking apart large complex compounds (substrates) into smaller, more readily absorbed nutrients that the bacteria can utilize. Enzymes from different sources have a specific temperature and pH range at which they are optimally effective, which is an important consideration when choosing an enzyme product. Enzymes are classified by the substrate they work on. For example, proteases work on proteins, breaking them down into amino acids and peptides. Cellulases break down cellulose, the major undigestible component of plant cell walls, into simpler sugars. Only very small quantities of enzymes are needed to change very large quantities of substrate: typically enzyme to substrate ratios can range from 1:1,000 to 1:1,000,000.

Why Combine Bacteria and Enzymes?
In the past, biological products have come in a few forms; bacteria formulations, enzyme producing bacteria formulations, and enzyme only formulations.

A crash course in microbiology shows that all bacteria produce their own specific enzymes to aid in the digestion of the food source that Mother Nature created them to eat. Enzymes break down a food source into a form that the bacteria can eat. By using a "bacteria only" or "enzyme producing bacteria" (remember that all bacteria produce enzymes), you are counting on the bacteria to produce their own enzymes to do the job that they were bought to do. Unfortunately, since the majority of products are not stabilized, you are asking the ineffective strains to perform a task that they simply can't handle. By using an enzyme only product, you simply are not "finishing" the job. Enzyme only products simply convert food sources into simpler forms without digesting them completely. Enzyme only products usually only pass the problem down the line to cause substantially larger problems later.

By combining the proper bacteria strains with the appropriate enzymes, our formulas have an immediate action. This immediate digestion enables our bacteria strains to "adhere" to food sources, where they continue to eat until the food source is gone. It is important to remember that the "food source" is usually the problem that you bought the product to solve.

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