Manufacturing Our plant is capa-
ble of producing most quantities.
Our personnel have one priority in mind: clients.
Our fleet of vehi-
cules are able to deliver anywhere.
Our technical staff possess
the knowledge.
At Pinkerton Laboratories we work with the client to identify their needs

Because the client's needs are not always fufilled by what the market has to offer, we can offer customized products to meet their needs. Our sales representatives work along side of our technical staff in order to ensure their techincal knowledge. Our facilities allow us to manufacture even the smallest quantities, making it possible to offer sample-size formulations at low costs.

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If you represent an end-user or a distributor, we now offer a multitude of specialized services in order to make your job easier.
Our team of professionnals are always perfecting our current products, making
them more efficient and safer to use.