In addition to Pinkerton Laboratories' branded product lines, we also offer a full-range of private label product offerings. Our private label offerings are formulated to strict quality control protocols. Private label products can be either taken "off the shelf" or specifically formulated to meet your exacting product expectations. Pinkerton Laboratories is committed to helping grow your private label branded sales. We will work with you in a four step process to ensure the success of your private label program.

Start With A Quality Product At A Fair Price
Like you, we understand quality and fair pricing is essential to your private label program's success. It is your brand and it needs to be positively positioned to market.

Free, No Hassle Private-Label Program Set-Up
Pinkerton Laboratories works with you in developing your private label graphic look. We have significant in-house design and labeling expertise and will print your labels free of charge, which could save you thousands of dollars in upfront design and print costs.

Quick Private Label Order Turnaround
We ship private label product orders to customers within 1-3 business days of placement. Many industry competitors often measure successful private label fulfillment in weeks, not days.

Ongoing Technical Account & Sales Support
Private label distributors can rely on Pinkerton Laboratories for its superior technical account support.

Whether you are selling our brands or your own private label products we are here to help you grow your business. At Pinkerton Laboratories private label brand creation and manufacturing never means inferior, we understand it is your brand and your success that ultimately becomes our success. Feel free to contact us to discuss your private label brand ideas.