Pinkerton Laboratories is an innovative chemical manufacturer primarily serving the institutional Jan/San, Food Service and Automobile Care markets. Our products include floor finishes & strippers, industrial degreasers, detergents, glasswash products, hand soaps and odour control products. We also produce a comprehensive line of environmentally compliant green cleaning products.

Pinkerton Laboratories markets products under its own brand identities, it's most popular being the GROSBILL cleaning product line. However, we also welcome customer-specific private label brand creation and manufacturing opportunities. All products are formulated using high product performance criteria.

At Pinkerton Laboratories we are proud of the high quality chemical solutions that we offer to our distributor partners. We understand that a superior product will keep your customers happy and increase your overall distribution opportunities and sales.

Research and new product development is at the core of our distributor commitment. With a fully functioning lab and highly experienced staff, we are able to provide our clients with new and innovative products. We have also adopted stringent quality control procedures in order to assure constant product quality.