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Who we serve

Pinkerton Laboratories products and services are used by an extensive range of clients. We distribute a wide range of sanitary products to the automobile industry, commercial and industrial sectors as well as healthcare and educational institutions.

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Sanitary products

Clean and Disinfect : Our range of sanitary and maintenance products are innovative cleaning solutions for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial use. They are designed for safe and environmental use in many environnements such as hospitals, restaurants, schools and nurseries.

Carwash Industry

Carwash Industry

We offer a complete line of carwash chemical solutions for both the retail and professionnal markets. Our extensive commercial lines include soaps, dressings, waxes, polishes as well as automatic carwash products.

Food Industry

Food Industry

From odor control to cleaning and degreasing, we make sure you have the safest and most efficient products possible. We offer a wide variety of Food Grade aqueous cleaners, heavy duty degreasers, cleaners and lubricants that are suitable for use in food processing and handling plants, restaurants and other food related industries.

Industrial sector

Industrial sector

Over the course of many years of working closely with our industrial clients, we have develloped high efficiency products that help save our clients time and money. From our industrial strength hand soaps to our heavy duty degreasers, we have most hard to find solutions at hand and can easily create new ones based on demand.

Products and Services

What We Do


new products

We create, develop, custom formulate, and manufacture client specific chemical solutions for industry specialized formulas and supplies.


Improvements of existing products

Our team of professionnals are always perfecting our current products, making them more efficient and safer to use. We make sure all products are formulated using high product performance criteria.


Analysis and consultations

Our consultants and highly experienced specialists can help your business scale up, be more productive, innovate and globalize. Get objective, practical advice on a range of subjects to help solve a variety of challenges across your business.


Personalized labeling

Having a fully equipped location, we also welcome customer-specific private label brand creation and manufacturing opportunities.

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